Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FALL 2012


The colorful season is here! Alhamdulillah dpt lg merasa keindahan alam pd musim luruh ni. Daun2 bertukar jadi kemerahan.. memang cantik sangat di Kanada sekarang ni. We went to Rockwood, Guelph for picnicking while the tempt reach 6deg. But real feel is like -1deg.. Brrr breezy day! We bundle up like in winter season. But it did'nt stop us to spent our quality time with family and friends while enjoy the beautiful nature. And also it harvest time! We spent our long weekend (holiday for Thanksgiving day) to Chudleigh's Farm, Halton Hills for apple picking. Tapi tahun ni tak semeriah mcm tahun lepas, dapat kutip yang hijau2 je.. nasib baik sedap.. dapatla bwk balik 2beg plastik kan.. =).. Okay lets enjoy the picture!

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